We support various industries by using light technology

Luceo Co. Ltd. is an optical manufacturer that deals in optical equipment and optical components, from their development to their production and sales. Since our company's inception, we have developed products to offer our customers that suit their needs, including optical sensors, strain gauges, and waveplates and polarizing plates (wavelength phase plate).

The products developed by our company are currently being used in every industry, both domestically and abroad. With a goal in mind of "creating products that can only be made at Luceo" in the future, we intend to further devote ourselves to the study of technology. If you're looking for optical components or optical equipment, please contact our company, which has been chosen by a great number of corporations.

We have experience gained from developing optical components
for nearly half a century.


Since its foundation in 1966, Luceo Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of optical components. Especially in regards to the development and manufacture of optical filters (polarizing plates, waveplates, etc.), our company has the know-how and technology cultivated since its original foundation. It is possible to develop optical components with special specifications that meet the needs of our customers. By all means, please take advantage of the high quality "Luceo optical filters" we are so proud of in the research and development of your company.


The main destinations for the delivery of optical components

・Medical equipment manufacturers ・Printing equipment manufacturers
・Food processor manufacturers
・Manufacturers of precision measuring devices,microscope manufacturers,manufacturers of optical measurement instruments,imaging equipment manufacturers

We develop not only optical components, but also optical equipment.


At our company, we are developing various types of light sensor units that take advantage of the know-how and technology we have cultivated through the development and manufacture of optical filters. In particular, our "visual sensor," developed by taking fully utilizing the special qualities of our optical filters, is rated highly by many of our customers.

In addition, we also offer our "strain gauge," that can confirm whether or not there are strains in the glass or plastic product, as well as how they're distributed. Additionally, please entrust us with the development and manufacture of glass strength meters, striae inspection equipment (striae catcher), etc.


Main products

· Strain gauges/phase-contrast measurement devices · Glass strength meters/surface stress meters · Striae inspection equipment · Optical systems for printing machines · Non-laser pointers (straight line, crosshairs, point) · Optical systems for spectroscopic analysis · Optical systems for color recognition · Optical systems for visual recognition for robots · Illumination optical systems and more

We can provide consistent support, from a product's development up to its production and sales.


Our strength is in our ability to provide consistent support domestically, from the development of optical components and optical equipment, to their production and sales. We are able to achieve reduced costs by keeping down the costs of distribution, outsourcing, etc. At the same time, we respond promptly to all the various needs of our customers, working together through every step of the process. We can perform quality control to ensure high quality. In particular, we are able to offer orders of relatively few products (with a product volume of 50-200 per one lot) at a low price.

We accommodate even the finer details of the needs of our customers.


Expertise alone will not provide support for the finer details of the needs of our customers. At Luceo Co., Ltd., in order to meet the detailed needs of our customers, we have honed not only our technical expertise, but also our communication skills.

Communication is respecting each other and making an effort yourself that is appreciated by the other party, without losing that feeling of mutual understanding. We strive to improve our communication skills on a regular basis, in order to create our own bright and free, comfortable working environment. Our corporate philosophy states that from that comfortable working environment, we can create products that satisfy our customers. In addition, this mindset has been highly appreciated by those abroad as well, and we receive many requests and inquiries.

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