We have published the answers to the questions that we receive the most often.
If your question is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Can I make requests about a product at any stage, from its design until its production?

It is possible.
We engage in not only optical components such as polarizing plates and waveplates, but also in the design and development of strain gauges and striae inspection equipment, etc. Please feel free to consult us first.

Please tell me what the standard amount of time is for product development.

Because it varies depending on the specifications for the product, please contact us first.

Can I request a small lot production too? In addition, please let me know if there is a minimum number of lots.

Please rely on us for your small lot production too.
Utilizing the optical technology we have cultivated over the years, we have made it possible to offer products that have a relatively low production volume at low prices. Depending on the product, the minimum number of lots is different, so please consult us first.

Can the products be delivered to overseas factories?

It is a possibility.Please allow our company to deal with the various procedures required for the export of precision equipment.

Is it okay to request that something be developed with the specifications written in English?

We have no problem if they are written in English.
We will continue developing the product based on the specifications of our customers.

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